Some of us can still remember and with great clarity the muscle cars of the sixties. Either our parents drove them, or the neighbor had one or somehow we were old enough and just plain lucky to call one our first car. It started with the Mustang, tame at first but quickly evolved into a racing Icon with the GT350 and Carroll Shelby’s Texas hand. Then Camaro followed with several performance versions and ultimately the Challenger appeared with its own style of muscle. These three cars quickly divided the crowd and formed true believers in Ford, Chevrolet or Dodge. Whether it was the style, color, stripes, hood scoops, spoilers or exhaust pipes we had chosen our marque.

Different as they appeared they shared two common qualities; brutally fast and loud. The perfect combination for any young man. These cars got us noticed amongst friends, both male and female and sometimes from the local authorities. But it was the order of the day and if you were car crazy like so many of us, these cars were made to order.

Now fifty years later, some of the kids in us still seek that perfect combination of fast and loud. And the three big players in this American Muscle battle remain the same. Each of these great cars kept a hint of the yesteryear retro-look, while amplifying horsepower, setting new speed records, incorporating amazing technology and commanding significant money; all just under $60,000.

Here are the “bad boys” of today’s muscle cars and believe me they are not toys. I am pretty sure if you love Mustangs back then, you will still saddle up the GT 500 today. If your choice was the Camaro, RS, SS or Z28 you will still be firing up the ZL1 tonight. And if you were the renegade Dodge boy back then you will still be burning rubber with the Hellcat.

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