Iconic Shelby Cobra 427

LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON. . . from Special Guest Blogger–Kenneth Visser

Shelby, a name that invokes an image, a brand, a legend.  Throw Cobra in the mix and you have fear and speed all mixed into one muscular four wheeled beast. My infatuation with the Shelby Cobra dates back the early 70’s, when I caught my first glimpse of a blue 427 Cobra rumbling down Reading […]

FERRARI GTO . . .who wouldn’t want one of the 39 produced?

  It’s hard not to agree with one of the headlines that have been used to describe this car—Top Sports Car of All Time, Greatest Ferrari of All Time and Hottest Car of All Time. And probably as of late you could add the “Most Expensive Ferrari of All Time”, with recent sales averaging $38M.  […]


One of Britain’s most famous race car drivers, with a record of 40% wins, had a mishap with this beautiful 1956 Maserati 350S– now revitalized as a 450S. Sterling Moss crashed into a tree and nearly went over a ravine when the brakes failed in the 1956 Mille Miglia race. Fortunately he and his co-driver […]

The Art of Automotive Restoration. . . revitalizing the past.

  I define automotive restoration as the coming together of one’s passion to renew their favorite classic either by their own efforts or by a skilled and talented team. We all have a car that we can close our eyes and visualize—the power, the smell, the look and feel, the memories or the desire to […]

GREEN with envy. . . Bentley Speed Six ‘Blue Train Special’

The Bentley Blue Train is famous for its power, speed and reliability. To prove that point, race car driver, Woolf Barnato bet his colleges over dinner that he could beat Le Train Bleu. Specifically he said he and his relief driver could get from Cannes to London (700 miles) before the train rolls into the […]

Jaguar gets an ‘F’ and they love it!

I have always been a Jaguar Fan and frequent owner. Yes, they had their low tide that still affects their ‘reliability’ reputation today even though that skin was shed years ago. But let’s not ignore the style, racing edge, innovation and inherent qualities of Jaguar that you have loved for decades. The C Type, D […]

‘Bad Boys’ and their toys. . . Millennium Muscle

Some of us can still remember and with great clarity the muscle cars of the sixties. Either our parents drove them, or the neighbor had one or somehow we were old enough and just plain lucky to call one our first car. It started with the Mustang, tame at first but quickly evolved into a […]

Ralph Lauren: A Man of impeccable taste in fashion and automobiles

Car Collecting in growing even more popular now that the ‘baby boomers’ are retiring and have the time and money. It is not a hobby for those on a budget. First you make the purchase, then there are the minor repairs or upgrades, then ongoing maintenance and then of course the possible restoration; cosmetic or […]