• In 1898, Winton was the first manufacture to advertise its cars.
  • All cars were equipped with a “top, storm apron and gong.”
  • Even priced at $1,000, Winton quickly became the principal automakers of his day.
  • In 1903, a 1903 Winton was the first car driven across the U.S.



In 1898, Alexander Winton became the first manufacturer to advertise his vehicles. Ads boasted, “All carriages are equipped with top, storm apron, and gong.”  You could buy one of Winton’s motor carriages for $1,000.  Customers responded and Winton quickly became one of the principal manufacturers of his day.

Winton demonstrated one of his new 1899 motor carriages by driving it from Cleveland to New York.  This record long distance trip covered 707.4 miles, took 47 hours and 34 minutes, and averaged 15 ½  mph.  To get publicity and prove the worth of his product, Winton exhibited the auto at Madison Square Garden with mud still on it, just as it came off the road.

In 1903, a 1903 Winton was the first car to be driven across the U.S.  Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson, along with mechanic Sewall K. Crocker, completed the trip from San Francisco to New York in 63 days.

Production of Winton motor cars ceased in 1924 when Winton began manufacturing marine diesel engines.



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