• This is the only car known to exist of the 49 Packard Model Bs produced in 1900.
  • J.W. Packard bought his first car from Alexander Winton and complained to Winton about it.
  • Winton told Packard to build a better car if he could; and Packard did.
  • Production of Winton cars ended in 1924; while production of Packard cars ended in 1958 after a distinguished history.



In 1898, J.W. Packard bought one of the first motor carriages built by Alexander Winton.  Packard became displeased with his purchase, but Winton paid no attention to the complaints, finally telling Packard to build a better car if he could.  The next year, after blueprints were drawn, corrected, and improved, Packard established his own business, the New York & Ohio Automobile Company.

Only one prototype car was produced in 1899.  There were 49 Model Bs produced in 1900. This 1900 Packard Model B is the only one known to exist.  The body was built of wood, and then varnished in the customer’s choice of color.  Standard equipment included a foot bell, oiler, tools, bulb horn, lamp, and leather upholstery.  The 1-cylinder engine was reliable, smooth, and quiet compared to other makes.

Quickly gaining a reputation for quality, Packard had, indeed, built a better car.  The firm went on to a long and distinguished history, finally ceasing production in 1958.



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