• This is the only Capitol known to exist.
  • It is steam powered with a boiler under the front seat.
  • The fourth passenger sits on the “hot seat” over the boiler.



Frank Goodwin apparently began working on this Capitol Chariot steamer in 1889.  It was built as a prototype and Goodwin eventually sold the patent rights to the Capitol Auto Company, Washington, D.C., in 1902, the only year production was attempted.   Powered by a 2-cylinder engine, it generated 6 horsepower through a chain drive to the rear axle.

The boiler, located under the small front seat, developed 160 pounds of pressure per square inch and was supplied from a 34-gallon water tank.  The fuel burner, wood wheels and solid rubber tires were conventional enough, but the seating arrangement anticipated modern ideas by allowing enough room for three abreast.  The fourth passenger rode facing backwards on the single front seat over the boiler.  This must have given the phrase “Hot Seat” new meaning.

This Capitol Chariot is the only one known to exist.



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