• This was the first year of production for Cadillac.
  • Henry Leland was the founder of Cadillac.
  • Henry Ford worked for Cadillac before forming his own company and was instrumental in the design of this Cadillac.



The Cadillac Automobile Company was organized in the fall of 1902.  The guiding genius of the newly formed automobile company was Henry M. Leland.  Leland manufactured precision machinery and quality engines through the Leland & Faulconer Company and recognized, with the formation of the Cadillac Automobile Company, the opportunity to enter the budding motor vehicle industry.

Three prototype vehicles, designated Model A, were finished early in 1903.  Leland demonstrated the same quality and precision in automobile building that he had in his machinery business.  When displayed at its first public appearance at New York’s National Automobile Show, the Cadillac sales manager received 2,286 purchase orders for the Model A. With successful advertising, the new company was off to a strong start in a fiercely competitive industry.



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