• The only Adams-Farwell known to exist.
  • Removable steering and foot pedals allows the car to be driven from the front or back seat.
  • Unique air-cooled engine.
  • Crankshaft anchored to rear frame and cylinders rotate around it. 
  • Rotation provided excellent cooling and the force helped hold the car level (like a horizontal gyroscope).




In 1895, F.O. Farwell joined Hubert and Eugene Adams in their experiments with gasoline engines.  They produced a unique air-cooled engine in which the crankshaft was anchored solidly to the rear frame and the cylinders rotated around it.  The rotation enabled the engine to serve as its own flywheel and gave excellent cooling, plus the centrifugal force acted like a horizontal gyroscope that tended to hold the car level.

Among this car’s unique features were the removable steering and control levers, which could be removed easily from the front to the rear seats in just a few minutes.  More passengers could be carried when the driver operated the car from the front seat, but there was better weather protection in the rear.  This feature was offered from 1904 to 1908. 

After 1908, no new models appeared and only small changes were made to the existing range.  Of some 52 Adams-Farwells built, this is the only one known to exist.  The company did not aggressively and imaginatively merchandise its products and by 1913, it had failed.



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