• This is the only Frayer-Miller passenger car known to exist.
  • The engines were air-cooled and offered in four and six cylinders.
  • In 1908, eight models were offered including a taxi and commercial truck.



Little is known about Frayer-Miller company history except that the automobiles were built by the Oscar-Lear Automobile Company in Springfield, Ohio, from 1904 to 1910.  This Frayer-Miller is the only passenger car known to exist.

1908 Frayer-Miller sales literature presented eight models, including a taxi cab and a commercial truck.  Engines were air-cooled and were offered with either four or six cylinders.  Full equipment for the Model B Touring included gas and oil lamps, horn, tools, battery and coil.  The top was optional at a cost of $100.

A 1908 Frayer-Miller Touring model competed in the Long Island Economy Run.  Under the conditions of the contest, 235 miles had to be covered by the contestants within a time limit of 18 hours, with the winning vehicle being the one using the least amount of fuel.  Twenty-three cars started and 19 qualified.  A Frayer-Miller carrying five passengers won the contest by using only thirteen gallons of gasoline, which was 18 mpg.



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