• Only 825 high-priced Limiteds were produced from 1910-1912 and only a few exist today.
  • The Limited was one of the largest Oldsmobiles ever built, with wheel height of 42” and wheelbase of 130”.
  • It was also one of the most powerful Oldsmobiles built, capable of cruising at 60-70 mph.



Late in 1908, the Olds Motor Works was absorbed by the General Motors Corporation headed by William C. Durant.  From this reorganization, Durant not only acquired the Oldsmobile factory and product, he created an extensive network of Oldsmobile advertising billboards throughout the country.  Durant organized a sales campaign using the billboards to advertise the 1909 Oldsmobile.  Improvements made for the 1909 models increased the selling price, but even so, 6,575 cars were sold, as compared to 1,055 the year before.  The increase in sales, even at a higher price, was a direct result of Durant’s successful advertising campaign.

For 1910, Oldsmobile’s entrance into the higher-priced, big car market was represented by two models, the “Special” and the “Limited.”  The Special was a 4-cylinder car priced at $3,000 and the Limited was a 6-cylinder car selling for $4,600.  The Limited was one of the largest cars Oldsmobile built.  The long wheelbase measured 130 inches and the wheel height was a whopping 42 inches.  It required two steps to board the Limited (notice the double-step running boards).  The car was also one of the most powerful Oldsmobiles built, capable of cruising at speeds between 60 and 70 mph.

Only 825 Oldsmobile “Limited” cars were built during the three years of its production and very few still exist.



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