• The Stearns company slogan was, “The white line radiator belongs to the Stearns.”  
  • The white line is an easy way to readily identify a Stearns.



In 1896, Frank B. Stearns built his first automobile in the family barn. His first marketable automobile was sold in 1898 and a year later he formed the F.B. Stearns Company in Cleveland, Ohio. The company’s slogan was, “The white line radiator belongs to the Stearns.”Stearns began production with a series of light gasoline automobiles, concentrating later on large prestige cars like this 1910 model. The 30-60 hp Stearns Limousine was a car for the wealthy and represents the utmost in closed body construction. The entire automobile was constructed in the Ohio factory under a rigid system of inspection. It was a very heavy, even lumbering automobile, and best suited to urban areas with good roads. In 1930, Stearns production ceased as a result of the Depression.



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