• The Model T captured America’s heart.
  • “She” was affectionately called “Tin Lizzie.”
  • The rumble seat, or “mother-in-law” seat, was removable and small items could be carried there.



The Model T Ford was quickly taken to America’s heart.  “She” was treated like a family friend, a faithful servant or a loyal (if somewhat scatter-brained) employee.  Affectionately she had become known as the “Tin Lizzie” and Model T owners always referred to Lizzie in the feminine gender.  Lizzie’s idiosyncrasies made it an easy target for jokes.  No vaudeville show was complete without at least one comedian telling Ford jokes, which gave sure-fire pleasure with any audience.

These jokes always amused Henry Ford.  He once said, “...the jokes about my car sure helped to popularize it.  I hope they never end.”  As time went on, enterprising publishers collected these and other Ford jokes and printed them in little books and pamphlets.

The Model T Runabout met the needs of small families and businessmen.  The rumble seat, or so-called “mother-in-law” seat, was removable and small packages or other items could be carried there.  1912 was the last year a Model T Runabout with a mother-in-law seat was available.



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