• This car is a world record setter for fuel economy.
  • On one gallon of gas, it drove 83.5 miles in 5 hours and 42 minutes, averaging 15.4 mph.



During the years 1910 and 1911, the Franklin Automobile Company built a limited number of special sports cars.  This 4-cylinder, air-cooled car was built for S.G. Averell for his use in Puerto Rico during the winter months.  While Averell was not employed by the Franklin Company, he enjoyed participating in gasoline economy runs. In 1913, he competed in the Long Island Economy Run in this car.  The run was controlled by the Automobile Club of America, which appointed an official observer to accompany Averell.

On one gallon of gasoline Averell drove his Franklin 83.5 miles in 5 hours and 42 minutes at an average of 15.4 miles per hour.  This established a world’s record.  The best previous records were 46.1 miles on a gallon of gasoline in 1909, and 87 miles on two gallons in 1906.  Both of these previous records had also been made in Franklin cars.



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