• This 1911 Maxwell was the first collector car purchased by Bill Harrah.
  • Harrah entered it in a Horseless Carriage Club Tour as a 1907 model and was embarrassed to learn it was actually 1911.
  • Harrah realized accurate restorations required thorough research, so he established a research library.
  • Many incorrect items were left on this car as a reminder of his beginnings as a collector.



Bill Harrah began collecting in 1948 with the purchase of this 2-cylinder Maxwell Runabout.  The car was first believed to be a 1907 model due to the shape of the radiator.  On a Horseless Carriage Club tour, Harrah learned from knowledgeable club members that the car was actually a 1911 model.

Bill Harrah was embarrassed by the situation and realized that if accurate and faithful restorations to original specifications were to be carried out, thorough research of automotive reference materials was a necessity.  As a result, he established a significant research library and authenticity became the by-word in all Harrah restoration work.  The incorrect items on Harrah’s first collector car have been left as he restored it as a reminder of his beginnings in the collector car world. Incorrect items include the radiator shell and script, crank handle, fenders and running boards, upholstery materials and pattern, headlamps and carbide generator, side lamps and tail lamp and modified engine.



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