• Pope-Hartfords were completely manufactured at the factory, from tops to the nuts and bolts (no outsourcing).
  • They were powerful and reliable cars.
  • 17 different models were offered, which were too many to be produce economically.
  • This led to the collapse of company in 1914.



In 1876, Col. Albert A. Pope established the Pope Manufacturing Company in Hartford, Connecticut, for the construction of the Columbia bicycle.  By the 1890s, Pope was the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the United States.

Production of Pope-Hartford automobiles began in 1904. Unlike most automobiles of that era, Pope-Hartfords were completely manufactured at the factory, from the touring top to the nuts and bolts.  The Pope-Hartford was a reliable and powerful automobile, successful in many races and hill climbs of the time.

The Pope Manufacturing Company included five automobile subsidiaries, as well as motorcycle and bicycle production.  Pope-Hartford automobiles were offered in 17 different models, far too much variety to be produced economically.  This type of marketing led to the collapse of the Pope group of companies in 1914.



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