• Buick offered its first electric starting, lighting and ignition systems in 1914.
  • This was Buick’s best selling model in 1914.
  • The Buick firm was formed in 1903.
  • In 1908 William Durant formed General Motors with the profits from Buick.



The 1914 model offered Buick’s first electric starting, lighting and ignition systems and this B-25 Touring model was Buicks best seller for 1914.

David Dunbar Buick built a small plumbing business in Detroit, Michigan, and developed a method of annealing porcelain to iron, making white bathtubs possible.  In 1900, he started experimenting with gasoline engines and developed the valve-in-head engine that has been a Buick hallmark ever since.

Buick formed the Buick Motor Car Company and began automobile manufacturing in 1903.  A year later Buick was joined by William C. Durant.  In 1907, Buick left the Buick Motor Car Company due to differences with Durant.  In 1908, Durant formed General Motors by using the profits Buick cars were generating to buy Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and Oakland (which became Pontiac).  When Durant left General Motors in 1910, C.W. Nash was briefly in charge as the Buick division general manger.  In 1912, Nash was succeeded by Walter P. Chrysler.



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