• 1915 was the first year of production for Dodge Brothers.
  • All 1915 models were touring cars painted black with dark blue wooden spokes.
  • They included many features as standard equipment from lap robe rails to windshields.
  • They were tough and basic, and served well as staff cars and ambulances in WWI.



John and Horace Dodge were born in Niles, Michigan, and learned the machinist’s trade in their father’s shop.  In 1900, they manufactured bicycles and, as a sideline, produced automotive parts for some of the pioneer automobile manufacturers.  Before long, their parts business far exceeded bicycle manufacturing and they transferred their activities to Detroit where the Dodge brothers built transmissions for Oldsmobile and engines for Ford.  Producing parts for others was not enough, so Dodge Brothers, Inc. was organized and in November 1914 and John and Horace Dodge announced their first automobile.

The 1915 Dodge Brothers models offered the following as standard equipment: robe rail, foot rail, leather upholstery, speedometer, folding top, windshield, tools, license plate brackets, demountable wheel rims, 12-volt electric lighting, electric self-starter and electric horn, and all of this for only $785.  They were all touring cars painted black with dark blue wooden spoke wheels.  The cars were tough, basic transportation and served successfully as staff cars and ambulances in WWI.



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