• The Town Car was a deluxe version of the Model T.
  • It was designed to be drive by a chauffeur.
  • It was the only 6 -passenger Ford offered at this time.
  • 1915 was a milestone year for Ford as one millionth Model T produced.



In 1912, Ford started the first conveyor line ever used in automobile history to assemble magnetos.  Soon engines were assembled on conveyors and by 1913 the entire car was produced in this manner.

Prior to this, all Model T’s were hand painted in many colors, but the assembly lines could turn out more cars in a day than painters could finish in a month.  Consequently, quick-drying Japan enamel was sprayed on the bodies with a nozzle resembling a garden hose sprinkler.  Smaller parts, such as wheels, fenders and frames, were dipped using one color.  It was this practical necessity that caused Henry Ford to facetiously remark, “You can have any color you want as long as it is black!”  Black was the only color for the Model T Fords until new fast-drying pyroxylin lacquers in a choice of colors were used in 1926 and 1927.

In 1915, Ford reached a milestone year with production of the one-millionth Model T.  This was also the year that Fords first came factory-equipped with electric lights.  While Henry Ford was personally committed to providing inexpensive transportation for the masses, he occasionally produced a deluxe or custom version of his standard Ford. This Ford Town Car is such an example.  This was the only 6-passenger Ford available at the time and it used two foldable jump seats.  This Model was a favorite of taxicab companies and many were seen for years on the streets of larger cities, such as New York City.



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