• The car featured a new V-shaped windshield to reduce wind resistance and increase visibility.
  • It was a light weight car as the body, fenders, engine base, transmission and differential cases were made of aluminum.
  • The front passenger seat swivels around to face the back compartment.
  • Netting on the ceiling accommodates hats and small packages.



The Franklin Sedan was a popular year-round car.  It seated five people comfortably with sufficient space for hand luggage.  The V-shaped windshield, new for Series 9 Franklins, eliminated a pillar on each side, removed all obstruction from straight-ahead vision, and reduced wind resistance.  The body cowl was designed to join flush with the hood, something never before accomplished on V-front bodies.

Light weight was attained by making the body, fenders, engine base, transmission case and differential case of aluminum.  Freedom from dead weight, by use of direct air cooling (no radiator) and a wooden frame, resulted in the Franklin producing more miles per gallon of fuel and more miles to the set of tires.



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