• Cunningham produced luxury-built automobiles.
  • It introduced a V-8 engine in 1916.
  • Eventually Cunningham produced only custom bodies for other automakers.



James Cunningham, Son and Company dates back to 1838.  From its beginning, the Rochester, New York, company was known for fine coachwork and, for many years, was among the leading manufacturers of horse-drawn carriages, ambulances and funeral equipment.  Cunningham horse-drawn carriages were offered until 1915.

At the turn of the century, the company experimented with electric vehicles, but it was not until 1907 that it entered the automobile market in earnest.  At first, Cunningham built the chassis and bodies for their automobiles, installing 4-cylinder engines made by Buffalo or Continental.  After 1910, the company began producing its own engines and, in 1916, introduced a V-8 engine that was continued into the 1930s.  Cunningham luxury-built automobiles were offered as late as 1933.  From then until 1935, only custom-made bodies were produced for other automobile manufacturers.



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