• The car is equipped with 12-cylinder engine that offered a very smooth ride.
  • The Twin Six was first offered in 1915 and featured cylinders cast in blocks of six (twins) in a “V” type configuration.
  • The Twin Six was the first Packard that was fitted with many custom-built bodies.
  • By 1917, Packard offered 20 custom designs by American coachbuilders.



The first Packard Twin Six was a product of Jesse G. Vincent and was produced in 1915.  The Twin Six motor was of the “V” type with twelve cylinders.  These cylinders were cast in blocks of six and the engine had such smoothness that it soon became a favorite among coachbuilders and their clients both in America and abroad.

The Twin Six chassis was the first Packard model to be fitted with a significant number of custom-built bodies.  By 1917, Packard was able to issue a catalog illustrating more than twenty different designs from four of America’s leading coachbuilders.  Any of the designs could be ordered through local Packard dealers at set prices.  The last few Twin Sixes were produced in 1924.



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