• The body is made of solid copper.
  • Accessories are German silver and nickel.
  • An entire tree was purchased for the rare Makash ebony trim.
  • Its mechanical performance is flawless.
  • Elite buyers commissioned bodies for exotic materials (wood, fabric, wicker, papier-mâché, German silver, etc.)



This Rolls-Royce, with a body by Brockman Coachbuilders, was assembled using full sheets of solid copper .065 thick in order to avoid welded seams and rivets on the body and fenders.  Accessories are nickel and German silver.  The beautiful wood trim is made from Makash ebony.  Historical records indicate the coachbuilder had to purchase an entire tree to obtain this rare wood.

From 1904 to 1940, the Rolls-Royce factories in Derby, England, and Springfield, Massachusetts, produced only complete running chassis.  The coachwork was constructed by other companies specializing in building bodies. Although these were, in fact, custom bodies, some styles were offered as “standard” to save time and money.

In other cases, the sky was the limit if a customer desired coachwork that was unique.  Bodies were constructed from virtually any suitable material and included aluminum, steel, German silver, wood, wicker, papier-mâché and fabric.  The more exotic the construction, the greater appeal it had to elite buyers who wanted a one-of-a-kind automobile to “one up” their friends and the rest of the world.  It was not uncommon for a maharajah to order a Rolls-Royce with coachwork of polished metal trimmed in gold or silver and outfitted with special guns and lamps, just for the purpose of tiger hunting.

The aesthetic perfection of this Silver Ghost, restored by Tom Batchelor and friends of Reno, Nevada, is matched by its flawless mechanical performance.  Its 454-cubic-inch, six-cylinder engine moves the car along at modern speeds with the same smooth, silent performance of years gone by.  Unique in the world, this copper-bodies Rolls-Royce exemplifies the finest in auto maker’s art.



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