• This car was built for General MacArthur’s first wife while the MacArthurs were in the Philippines between WWI and WWII.
  • Its custom body mimics a horse-drawn carriage that was ideal for a tropical climate.
  • Sealed beam headlights were added at a later date. 



Custom-bodied automobiles were not limited to expensive models like Cadillac, Lincoln and Packard.  The buyer of a Dodge Brothers car in chassis form could have any type of body mounted that would suit his or her particular needs.  The Custom Victoria body on this Dodge mimics a classic horse-drawn carriage and was very old-fashioned, even in 1922.  It was built for General MacArthur’s first wife, socialite Henrietta Louise Cromwell Brooks MacArthur, when the MacArthurs were stationed in the Philippines between WWI and WWII. The open carriage style was practical for the tropical climate and the elegant appearance was highly suitable for the wife of an American military envoy.

In 1920, just six years after organizing Dodge Brothers, Inc., both John and Horace Dodge died, John of influenza and Horace of pneumonia.  Fred J. Haynes took over as president upon their deaths, and in 1925 the Dodge family sold the Dodge Brothers company to investment bankers Dillon, Read & Company.  In 1928, the bankers sold Dodge Brothers, Inc. to Walter P. Chrysler, and the Dodge marque became a division of Chrysler.



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