• This car was used by Jack Benny in his casino stage shows.
  • In 1909 Alice Ramsey made history in a 1909 Maxwell as the first women to drive across the U.S. (New York City to San Francisco).
  • The Maxwell line became Chrysler in 1925, and then became Plymouth in 1928.



In 1903, Jonathan Maxwell joined Benjamin Briscoe (who had withdrawn from the Buick Motor Company) to form the Maxwell-Briscoe Motor Company of Tarrytown, New York.  Briscoe departed in 1912 to form his own company and Maxwell continued building cars, changing his location to Detroit, Michigan, and the company name to Maxwell Motor Corp.  In 1923, Walter Chrysler took over the prosperous Maxwell firm and merged “The Good Maxwell” into his own line.  The 1925 Maxwells were the last known by that name, being replaced first by a 4-cylinder Chrysler, and ultimately becoming the Plymouth line in 1928.

Some Maxwell historical highlights: Alice Ramsey, along with three female companions, made history in a Maxwell 30 Touring model when, in June 1909, they became the first women to successfully make a transcontinental trip from New York City to San Francisco, one of their stops being the Riverside Hotel in Reno.  Maxwell brought out the first adjustable front seat on its 1914 models.  Comedian and radio, stage and movie star Jack Benny made the name “Maxwell” a household word through frequent mention of the car on his radio programs during the 1930s and 1940s. Benny used this particular car for his casino stage shows in the 1960s.



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