• This was Chrysler’s first year of production and “B” was the first model.
  • Top speed was 70 mph and it featured four-wheeled hydraulic brakes.
  • This single model started Chrysler’s rise to become one of the “Big Three” automakers along with Ford and General Motors.



During the “Roaring Twenties,” General Motors and Ford controlled much of the automobile industry.  Though companies were merging by the score, one man, Walter P. Chrysler, rose to challenge the leaders.  During the business recession that followed WWI, the Maxwell Company and the Chalmers Company merged.  Walter P. Chrysler, who had recently retired as president of Buick, was persuaded to assume the direction of the new Maxwell Company.  In 1924, Maxwell became the Chrysler Corporation and began offering its first Chrysler, the Model B.

Introduced at the 1924 New York Auto Show, this single model started the company’s rise, eventually joining GM and Ford as one of the “Big Three.”  The Model B Chrysler was a notable performer as well as a good looking automobile.  It had a top speed of 70 mph and came equipped with four-wheeled hydraulic brakes.



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