• 1928 was the first year of production of the new Model A that created excitement all over the world.
  • Owning the car became a sign of distinction.
  • Buyers included prominent individuals and movie stars.
  • This car was a Christmas present from Douglas Fairbanks to his wife Mary Pickford, both popular movie stars.
  • This was the first year Ford offered safety glass.



The “Roaring Twenties” were the twilight years of the Model T.  Henry Ford insisted that his car still had a long and profitable future.  But competing manufacturers (notably Chevrolet) brought out advanced new cars during this period that clearly left Ford falling behind.  Henry’s son Edsel first accepted the need for a change and persuaded Henry Ford to abandon his beloved Model T to produce an entirely new car.

The new car was to be different from the old Model T.  Henry Ford said this new Ford must be the start of a new line and so it was.  Its very name came to suggest a rebirth back to Ford’s beginning with the Model A of 1903.  The introduction of the new Model A on December 2, 1927, was met with spectacular excitement the world over.  It was estimated more than 10 million people saw the new cars during their first two days in showrooms across the country.  This was also the first year that Ford offered safety glass.

Owning a new Model A became a sign of distinction.  Prominent persons, financiers, industrialists and film stars wrote letters directly to Edsel Ford and a select few did get preference, as did the original owners of this early Sports Coupe.  Movie star Douglas Fairbanks purchased the car as a Christmas present for his move star wife, Mary Pickford.



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