• Ford designed a variety of light-weight commercial trucks using Model A car chassis to meet public demand.
  • Most parts were interchangeable with Model A cars. 
  • Standard pickup colors were Rock Moss and Black, unless a customer specified others.



To meet the demand for light delivery vehicles, the Ford Motor Company designed a variety of commercial body types for use with the Model A chassis.  The most popular of these types were the open- and closed-cab pickups.  The chassis, wheels, axles, frame, engine, transmission, front bumper, radiator and fenders of these trucks were all interchangeable with the Model A automobile.  The trucks sported a black radiator shell, black headlamp assembly and special taillight bracket.  Ford frequently used stock parts for its trucks after its auto equivalents had been upgraded or changed.  This was one way to use up excess parts inventory.

Pickup bodies, unlike auto bodies, showed very little change through the years.  In fact, the Model A closed cab and box were a direct carryover from the last Model Ts.  Standard color for trucks was rock moss green and black.  In many instances, however, commercial vehicles were ordered with special colors for a customer’s particular needs.  Ford produced nearly 78,000 Model A pickups in 1929.



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