• This car set speed records at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Bonneville Salt Flats.
  • An optional supercharger was available in 1937 and increased normal horsepower from 125 to 170 and reached a top speed of 112 mph.
  • It was the last year of Cord production.



E.L. Cord introduced an exciting and different automobile for the 1937 model year.  The big change from 1936 was an optional supercharger which was capable of increasing normal horsepower from 125 to 170.  The top speed of the supercharged model was 112 mph, equaled only by Duesenberg and Pierce-Arrow.  The mechanical problems of Cord’s 1936 model were eliminated and the car went on to set speed records that stood for 15 years.

In June 1937, this car was driven at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway by D. Absalom (Ab) Jenkins, winning the Stevens Trophy by establishing a new Class C closed stock car speed record at a distance of 1,909.9 miles in 24 hours at an average speed of 79.6 mph.  In September 1937, driving this same car, Ab Jenkins again set a new speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats by driving 2,441.3 miles in 24 hours at an average speed of 101.72 mph, and the flying mile (one mile) at 107.66 mph.



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