• This was a popular and reliable delivery truck.
  • The REO name was derived from the initials of Ransom Eli Olds.
  • Ransom Olds left Oldsmobile in1904 to form the REO Motor Car Company.



The REO name was derived from the initials of Ransom Eli Olds, who left Oldsmobile in 1904 to form a new company.  Production of REO passenger cars began in 1905.  In 1910, commercial vehicle production began with the introduction of the Model H single-cylinder 8 hp truck.  Truck manufacture, like passenger car production at REO, was successful from the start.  In 1911, the first full year of commercial vehicle operations, the company produced 969 units.  In the next few years other models were added to the commercial line including a 2-ton truck, moving van and bus.  By the end of 1916, production had more than tripled as the demand for commercial vehicles increased.

Passenger car production ended in 1936 and REO concentrated solely on its commercial line.  REO commercial vehicles for 1937 included a range of seven models, one of which was the REO 3/4-ton Speed Delivery truck, as displayed here.  The 6-cylinder, REO-built Silver Crown engine produced 70 hp with a 209 cubic inch displacement.  REO’s commercial vehicles were powerful, reliable and economical.  The REO firm changed ownership several times and through a series of mergers, REO trucks (under names like Diamond REO and REO Giant) continued to be produced until the 1990s.



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