• This is one of a limited number of 12-cylinder Packards produced in 1938.
  • Packard’s 12 cylinder production ended in 1939.
  • Packard had a reputation for producing America’s finest luxury cars.
  • Packard’s ad slogan was known worldwide, “Ask the Man Who Owns One.”



From the turn-of-the-century, the Packard Motor Company built a reputation for producing some of America’s finest cars.  In the period between the two world wars, Packard was clearly the most successful production luxury line.  Packard’s advertising slogan, “Ask the Man Who Owns One,” was known worldwide.  The company was conservative, solid, and respected.  During the Depression, however, while competitors such as Cadillac developed 16-cylinder engines and lavish custom bodies, Packard introduced lower cost lines that tarnished its luster as the luxury leader and sowed seeds of problems that would lead to the company’s failure in the 1950s.

Senior line Packards were always fine automobiles. Top-of-the-line was the 12-cylinder Packards.  These prestigious automobiles can be easily identified by their distinctive red cloisonné hubcap medallions, three adjustable louvers on each side of the hood and instrument panels painted metallic gray.  There were only 323 12-cylinder Packards produced in 1938, and 12-cylinder production stopped altogether in 1939.



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