• 1939 was the first year of production for Mercury.
  • It was the first car Ford Motor Company built from a clay model.
  • Mercury included an impressive list of standard and optional features.
  • This is an all original car with less than 24,000 miles.



The Ford Motor Company was in its 35th year of successful operation when the first Mercury was shown to the public on November 4, 1938.  Mercury was designed to fill a price gap between the DeLuxe Ford V-8 and the semi-luxury Lincoln Zephyr. With these cars, Ford managed to cover about 95 percent of all price brackets in the 1939 automobile market.

Mercury was the first car produced by Ford that was styled entirely within the company and the first built up from a clay model by Ford stylists.  Named by Edsel Ford, the Mercury was available in four body styles: 2-Door Sedan, Sedan Coupe, Sport Convertible and 4-Door Town Sedan.  The Mercury engine was an enlarged version of the 85 hp Ford V-8 and could easily attain and hold speeds of 90 mph.

Accessories at no extra cost included twin air-electric horns, clock, cigarette lighter, front and rear ash trays, arm rests, rear seat assist straps, right hand sun visor, trip mileage indicator, lockable glove compartment, dual windshield wipers and tools.  Optional accessories included push button radio, an antenna that could be raised from inside the car, heater and defroster, fog lamps, seat covers, spot light, grille guard, custom luggage set, vanity mirror, deluxe hub caps and white sidewall tires.  Mercury’s first year production figure totaled 76,198. 



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