• Plymouth was Chrysler’s steadiest seller and 1939 was one of its best years. 
  • Plymouth introduced the first use of a power-operated folding top on a production car.
  • The gear shift was moved to the steering column providing an unobstructed front compartment.
  • This was the last year Plymouth offered a rumble seat.



War clouds were gathering in early 1939, but the American public remained strongly isolationist.  There was much interest in both the New York World’s Fair and San Francisco’s Golden Gate International Exposition.  Business bounced back sharply from the “recession” of 1938 and Plymouth, Chrysler Corporation’s steadiest seller, enjoyed one of its best years in 1939, producing a total of 417,529 cars.

Plymouth introduced a revolutionary advance in convertible models with the first use of a power operated folding top on a production car.  The gearshift lever was placed on the steering column, giving an unobstructed front compartment.  A “rain trap” in the cowl ventilator permitted opening the ventilator in rainy weather to provide fresh air and minimize “fogging” of windows.  Headlights were completely recessed in the fenders and a revolutionary new type safety-signal speedometer was introduced.  “Super-finish,” hailed as one of the greatest advances in metal finishing, was adopted for many of the friction surfaces in the Plymouth engine and chassis.  The steering gear was insulated from the frame with rubber for less vibration, easier handling and absorption of “road shock.”  There were 5,976 of the De Luxe Plymouth Convertible Coupes with a rumble seat produced.  1939 was the last year Plymouth offered a rumble seat.



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