• Only six of these show cars were built and only four are known to exist.
  • It features an all-aluminum body, concealed headlamps, folding windshield, and hide-away top.
  • This car is fondly known as the “Lana Turner” Chrysler (the glamorous 1940s-1950s movie star).
  • Original owner, Bob Topping (Turner’s husband), customized it with a Cadillac engine and transmission, added his name to the hubcaps and engine valve covers, and his initial “T” to the grille.




There were only six Newports built by Chrysler as show cars and four are known to exist today.  The Chrysler Newport was one of the last dual cowl phaetons. It was designed by Ralph Roberts and custom-built by Le Baron Carrossiers in Detroit, Michigan.  The car featured an all-aluminum body, concealed headlamps, folding windshield and hide-away top.  One of the Newports was selected as the 1940 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car, a rare opportunity for a non-production automobile.

The original owner of this car was millionaire playboy Henry J. “Bob” Topping, and former husband of Lana Turner.  Turner was a famous movie star from the glamorous days of Hollywood in the 1940s and 1950s. The car became fondly known as the “Lana Turner Chrysler.” Topping customized the car by substituting a Cadillac engine and transmission for the Chrysler components.  He also personalized the car by having his name cast into the hubcaps and engine valve covers and adding his initials to the grille.



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