• This car featured a one-of-a-kind design for conducting business (conference room on wheels).
  • It was built for the Kaiser- Frazer factory superintendent.
  • The one-piece back seat extended the full width (including sides) of the rear compartment in a U-shape.
  • The right front seat swiveled to form a continuation of the U-shaped back seat.
  • It featured overdrive that was not installed on Kaiser production cars until 1949.



In Kaiser-Frazer’s first year of production, this 1947 Kaiser Pinconning Special 2-Door Sedan was specially built for Edgar J. Hunt, superintendent of the Kaiser-Frazer factory in Willow Run, Michigan.  Regular production Kaiser sedans were offered with four doors from 1947 to 1950, making this the only 1947 Kaiser sedan produced with two doors.  The name “Pinconning Special” was derived from Mr. Hunt’s birthplace and hometown of Pinconning, Michigan, and was built according to his wishes.

The interior was quite unique with its one-piece back seat compartment extending from the edge of one front door all the way around to the same point on the opposite side, forming a “U” shape.  The right front seat can swivel to form a continuation of the U shaped back seat, and a large chrome handle between the right door and right rear side window aids in passenger entry and exit.  A special tool chest was built under the driver’s seat, and a foot switch on the driver’s floor could be used to change stations on the automatic-change, one- button radio.  The car had an overdrive, which was not installed in Kaiser production models until 1949.



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