• This car was formerly owned by actor Elliot Gould.
  • Lincoln Continental was a milestone in automotive engineering and considered one of the most beautiful designs. 
  •  It was different without being radical and luxurious without breaking from the “family car” tradition.
  • Increasing costs of a limited production, handcrafted car ended its production in 1948. 



A milestone in automotive engineering was achieved when Edsel Ford first designed the Lincoln Continental.  Considered to be among the most beautiful automotive designs ever produced, a total of 5,322 Lincoln Continentals were built between 1939 and 1948.  The Lincoln Continental achieved popularity because it was different without being radical, “clean” without being stripped of important features that were both functional and decorative, and luxurious without breaking with the “family car” tradition.

When Henry Ford II took up presidency of the company in 1945, development of an entire new line of postwar cars was underway, including a new Lincoln.  The Lincoln Continental did not last long.  Increasing costs of producing handcrafted automobiles, the tremendous investment necessary to market the cars, and corporate trends toward increased rather than limited production all played a part in the car’s demise.  Lincoln for 1949 became the Cosmopolitan.



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