• Tucker was an innovative car designed by Preston Tucker.
  • This car is #32 of only 51 Tuckers built, including the prototype.  
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission charged Tucker with fraud and regulation violations.  
  • When Tucker was vindicated in 1950, most of his holdings were wiped out by the costly court battle, ending any hope of production.



Designed by Preston T. Tucker of Ypsilanti, Michigan, the Tucker automobile was originally intended as a rear-engine torpedo-styled sports car with central driving position and three headlights.  Plans later changed when stylist Alex Tremulis, formerly of Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg, became involved and the car was then to have a saloon body style, still rear-engine with automatic transmission, disc brakes, independent suspension and many advanced safety features including a padded dash, pop-out windshield and armored passenger compartment.

Tucker raised capital and set up The Tucker Corporation in Chicago, Illinois.  Several cars were hand built as demonstration models and early in 1948, Tucker announced completion of the first 50 production line Tucker Model 48 Sedans.

When Tucker sought additional capital from the government’s Reconstruction Finance Committee in mid-1948, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged him with fraud and regulation violations.  By the time Tucker was vindicated in 1950, most of his holdings were wiped out by the costly court battle.  Tucker abandoned further plans until 1952 when he was offered production facilities in Brazil to build a small car called the Carioca.  Negotiations were still pending when Preston Tucker died in 1956.  Including the prototype, a total of 51 Tucker cars were produced and 47 are believed to exist.  This Tucker is #32.



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