• This is a very rare car, as only 131 Frazer Manhattans convertibles were produced in 1951.
  • This was the last year of Frazer Manhattan production, as the Frazer Manhattan name was transferred to Kaiser in 1952.
  • This luxury model was introduced as America’s only 4-door convertible with a fully automatic top.



Advertised as “The Pride of Willow Run,” the 1951 Frazer Manhattans were made by the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation of Willow Run, Michigan.  Both Kaiser and Frazer body styles were similar from 1947 to 1950, but the 1951 Frazer had a distinctive styling difference.

The luxury model Frazer Manhattan was introduced as America’s only 4-door convertible.  It set new industry standards in coordination of color and fabric and featured a fully- automatic top. The stylish front end employed functional, not just ornamental, design.  The airfoil-type grille, plus two large airfoil inserts in the center of the main grille, allowed a completely unobstructed flow of air into the radiator from the front and sides.  Set in the center of the grille is the Frazer crest, and further enhancing the front end is the charging knight hood ornament.  Sculptured wheel openings added a pleasing look to the car, besides adding considerable body strength.

As in earlier Frazers, the back seat was located forward of the rear wheels and axle, offering a more comfortable ride.  Another Frazer feature which added passenger comfort was the use of multi-coil springs in the construction of the seat cushions.  In 1951, Frazer’s last year, only 131 Frazer Manhattan Convertibles were produced, making the car displayed here very rare.  For 1952, Frazer’s Manhattan name was transferred to the Kaiser line.



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