• Skylark was the pioneer of luxury sports cars for all manufacturers.
  • Skylark was introduced in 1953, Buick’s 50th anniversary.
  • Skylark at the time was the most luxurious Buick ever produced.
  • This model was only produced in 1953 and 1954.



In 1953, Buick celebrated its 50th birthday.  Not only did it build its seven millionth automobile, but it introduced the Skylark, a totally new limited-production car.  The Skylark was, at that time, the most luxuriously equipped Buick ever produced.  It had power brakes, power steering, power windows, power seats, and a power aerial for the foot-controlled radio.  The upholstery was fitted with soft tanned cowhide.  With its convertible top up, the Skylark stood less than five feet tall.  Custom-made chrome wire wheels and “sweep-spear” chrome decor were touches that set this beautiful automobile apart from anything else on the road.

Only 1,690 Buick Skylarks were built in 1953.  The Skylark was intended to be built only in 1953 but Harley Earl, GM styling chief, requested another year’s production.  Buick Skylarks built in 1954 numbered 856.

The Skylark turned out to be a pioneer of the many luxury sports cars that would be turned out by all manufacturers during the next twenty years.  Buick automobiles remain an important component of General Motors production to the present time.



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