• This car is reminiscent of Dodges that were entered in the Mexican road races.
  • It was owned by the original owner from 1954-1997.



This 1954 Dodge Coronet is similar to the original Dodges entered in the Carrera Panamericana Mexican road race (1950-1954, which placed first, second, third, fifth, sixth and seventh in their class in 1954.

This car was owned and driven by donors Gordon L. Horsley and Danno Raffetto in La Carrera Nevada, a former 1,000 mile invitational tour through rural Nevada reminiscent of the Mille Miglia and Carrera Panamericana road races.  They added the Museum’s logo, and “La Carrera Nevada” and “La Carrera Panamericana” to the vehicle for the Nevada tour.

Horsley and Raffetto purchased the car from its original owner in 1997, who maintained a scrapbook of photographs, receipts for registration, parts and mechanical work, which was given to the Museum.



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