• This car won the 1954 Carrera Panamericana Road Race in Mexico in the Big Stock Car Class.
  • It was driven 1,908 miles, averaging 92.22 mph in 20 hours, 40 minutes and 19 seconds.
  • The Carrera Panamericana Road Races were run from 1950-1954 to promote Mexican highways and tourism, and were discontinued due to many accidents.



The Carrera Panamericana (Mexican Road Race) was organized in 1950 to promote Mexican highways and tourism in general.  Conducted under International Automobile Federation rules, the Carrera Panamericana endurance run annually attracted many famous drivers of international racing who competed for fame and prizes.  Starting in sub-tropical Tuxtla Gutierrez, near the Mexico-Guatemala Border, the five-day race followed a tortuous route, climbing 10,486 feet near Mexico City and extending for hundreds of miles over mountains and plateaus to the finish line at Juarez Airport.

Lincoln entered the 1952 Carrera Panamericana and captured the first four places.  In 1953, Lincoln repeated this remarkable performance.  In 1954, the Carrera Panamericana’s first and second places went to Lincolns, the first-place car being this Lincoln Capri Custom Coupe.  The car was driven by Ray Crawford and Enrique Iglesias, winning the Big Stock Car Class by driving a distance of 1,908 miles at an average speed of 92.22 mph in 20 hours, 40 minutes and 19 seconds.  Thirteen countries were represented in the 1954 races, the last year the races were run.



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