• In 1954-1955, the Ferrari racing team was trying to compete with two models against the winning Mercedes-Benz team in Grand Prix racing.
  • The cars were updated several times, and the 1955 Type 625 was the last version of updates to this series of race cars.



In 1955, the Ferrari racing team was struggling to compete with Mercedes-Benz, which had dominated Grand Prix racing in the latter part of 1954.  There were two models of cars in Ferrari's 1954-1955 racing stable.  The first was the Squalo series of cars, which featured a space frame chassis much like the 250F Maserati.  The second was an updated version of the 1952-1953 ladder-framed Formula 2 Ferraris which, in their original form, had won every Grand Prix but one in 1952 and 1953.  Early in the 1954 season, these cars were updated again with 2-1/2 liter engines.  The cars handled well and were very reliable, performing better than the Squalos.  For 1955, these same cars were updated even more with coil springs in the front and low-mounted exhaust pipes.

This 1955 Type 625 Ferrari is the last version of the updating process which had begun in 1953.  Some of the races this car competed in include the 1952 Turin Grand Prix (second place), 1953 Buenos Aires City Grand Prix (first place), 1953 Rouen Grand Prix (first place), 1954 Buenos Aires Grand Prix (first place), 1954 Bordeaux Grand Prix (first place), 1954 Daily Express Trophy race (first place), 1954 Bari Grand Prix (first place), 1955 Argentine Grand Prix (second place), and the 1955 Buenos Aires City Grand Prix (third place).



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