• The was a former personal car of Bill Harrah.
  • Harrah modified it with a Chrysler Hemi engine producing 400 hp.
  • It was the most expensive American car on the American market.
  • It was built for those who wanted and could afford the best.



The original Lincoln Continentals produced between 1939 and 1948 created enough interest that postwar public demand brought them back in a restyled form in October 1955, designated as the Mark II.  The Continental Mark II was built by the Lincoln Division of the Ford Motor Company.  Among those who contributed to its design were Gordon Buehrig of Auburn and Cord fame, and William Clay Ford, grandson of Henry Ford.  It was truly a personal car built for those who wanted and could afford the best.

The Mark II, besides being the most expensive American car on the market that year, was also the heaviest, weighing 5,190 pounds.  The car was completely outfitted with all the deluxe equipment generally considered to be optional, the only extra cost item was air conditioning.  The Mark II carried its spare tire mounted within the deck lid, reminiscent of earlier Lincoln Continentals.  The wheel covers gave the appearance of wire spokes from a distance, but were full covers with slotted openings to aid brake cooling.  Powering the Mark II was an 8-cylinder engine developing 300 hp.  During its 18 months of production, 3,000 were built.

This 1956 Continental Mark II was purchased new by Bill Harrah.  Though it looks stock from the outside, it was modified by installation of a 1958 Chrysler Hemi engine, producing more than 400 hp.



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