• This car was formerly owned by singer and actor Frank Sinatra. 
  • It was the first Ghia L.6.4 built out of only 26 produced.
  • These cars were produced through collaboration between Chrysler and Ghia in Torino, Italy.



Virgil Exner designed a series of Chrysler “dream cars” in 1950.  Sales potential for the dream cars was limited and in 1955, Chrysler sold the rights to Gene Casaroll, owner of Automobile Shippers, Inc. and Dual Motors Corporation of Detroit.

Using a Dodge Firebomb V-8 engine and Dodge chassis, Dual-Ghia production began in 1956.  The Dodge chassis were shipped to Torino, Italy, to be shortened and fitted with Ghia bodywork in convertible form.  The power train was installed on completion in Detroit, Michigan.  Production of a hardtop Dual-Ghia began late in 1960 with a 335 H.P. Chrysler V-8 engine.  Complete assembly took place in Italy, under the name Ghia L.6.4.  Dual was now simply the component supplier and exclusive American agent, having sold all design and manufacturing rights to Ghia.

Many of the Ghia’s mechanical components were from Chrysler, including Chrysler’s Torqueflite automatic transmission, suspension, air conditioning, power steering and brakes.  American buyers were able to have their cars repaired and serviced at any Chrysler Corporation dealership.  Interiors were very luxurious, having an impressive instrument panel with a console that drops and curves onto the transmission hump.  After 26 Ghias were produced, production ceased in 1963 when Gene Casaroll died.

Frank Sinatra, famous singer and actor, purchased this car, the first Ghia L.6.4 built.



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