• It was the only full- size, carry-with-you, folding American scooter.
  • It would easily fit in a car trunk, boat, airplane or trailer.
  • It could be driven up to 40 mph and operated at less than a penny a mile in 1965.
  • Ideal for rough terrain, sand, grass, and slick surfaces.



Centaur was a triumph of American engineering genius.  From its sturdy two-cycle engine to its fully automatic transmission, it was designed to last virtually a lifetime.  The versatile Centaur offered more advantages than any other two-wheel vehicle ever designed, because it was the only full-size, carry-with-you, folding American scooter. Centaur was the portable transportation long sought after by boat owners, fliers, sportsmen and campers.

Centaur can be driven up to 40 mph and, in 1965, operated on less than a penny-a-mile of gasoline.  The scooter was all American made throughout and was precision engineered to fold away easily into car trunk, boat, plane or trailer.  Centaur could be opened or closed in less than two minutes, without tools, making it perfectly accessible to everyone.  It traveled over rough terrain, sandy beaches, grass and slick pavement, plus, it carried 400 pounds.

Most important of all, Centaur offered unheard of safety in those days, along with comfort and stability for the first time in a two-wheel vehicle. Centaur provided year round enjoyment for the whole family and freedom of movement never before experienced.

Dr. Williams, who donated the Centaur to the Museum, purchased it new in 1965 from Quincy Motors, Quincy, California.  He found it to be ideally suited for the many trips he and his wife made to Mexico.  He could easily remove it from the garage, transport it to the airport in the trunk of his car, and place it the luggage compartment of his Cessna 182, where it fit perfectly.  In addition to riding the Centaur all over Mexico, Williams frequently drove it around Reno and always licensed it for street use until about the early to mid-1990s. Williams, an anesthesiologist, began practicing in Reno 1957 until his retirement 30 years later.



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