• This was a former personal car of Bill Harrah.
  • The Plymouth Belvedere Satellite was completely redesigned in 1966.
  • Engine options included a new 426 Hemi “street” version.
  • Plymouth won many victories on drag strips and race courses.



Chrysler Corporation spent $300 million for the redesign and tooling of its new 1966 models.  Plymouth Division was the beneficiary of a good share of the money and it was spent wisely.  Of all Plymouth’s 1966 models, the mid-size Belvedere-Satellite series received the most complete styling overhaul.  The new styling had a pleasing appearance, combining gentle sculpturing and strong horizontal lines.  New features included curved side-window glass, inboard grille lamps with parking lights and turn signals, shell-type bucket seats, console and transmission selector levers.

Available as 8-cylinder models only, there was a wide range of high-performance V-8 engines to choose from, one of which was the new 426 Hemi “street” version, developing 425 hp at 5,000 rpm.  On drag strips and race courses across the nation, Plymouths scored many victories, including the 1966 Daytona 500, with the 426 “competition” version, an awesome Hemi maximum performance powerplant.

Bill Harrah special-ordered this 1966 Plymouth Belvedere Satellite direct from the factory.  The car is one of the first to incorporate both the 426 Hemi engine and air conditioning.



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