The Series Two models were introduced at the 1973 Frankfurt Motor Show alongside another variant on the XJ theme, a two-door coupe. This model which carried the suffix C (for Coupe), was especially significant in that it represented Sir William Lyon’s last project before his retirement from active design in 1972.

The XJC used the short wheelbase floorpan with larger front doors and a slightly different roofline, but was otherwise substantially the same as the four-door saloons. However, there were considerable problems with sealing and raising and lowering the small rear windows, so the coupes did not go into production until early in 1975. Lyons had insisted that the front and rear windows meet in a pillarless construction, which was very elegant, put posed many problems for the development engineers who had to keep down the wind noise on these exceptionally fast cars! When they were eventually introduced, the XJC option became available throughout the range, except for the Vanden Plas Daimler.

Unfortunately, the coupes remained in relatively restricted production. By the time they were introduced, the short wheelbase floorpan had been discontinued because of the greater demand for the long wheelbase XJ. Of the 92,376 Series Two Jaguars produced during the period, 1973 through 1978, only 1,873 V12 Coupes were built. Total production of R.H.D. Jaguar V12 Coupes was 604. Today, fewer than 100 are believed to remain.



After 15 memorable years on the Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) Concours circuit, including 6 North American Championship 1st Place Awards and 3 Challenge Championship 1st Place Awards, I have decided to sell my European version 1976 Jaguar XJ 5.3C (XJ V12 Coupe).


It is my hope that a fellow enthusiast will purchase the Coupe and continue to show it. This Coupe is a proven champion, carefully restored and maintained to the standard for that model. It should be shared with those who are appreciative of such a rare and beautiful Jaguar.


Sir Ian Callum, Director of Design for Jaguar Cars, has seen and admired this rare Jaguar. Last year he was the featured speaker at the JCNA Challenge Championship Concours Awards Dinner in Richmond, Virginia. Earlier that day he reviewed the field of competing Jaguars and expressed his high regard for the Coupe from a design perspective.


Interested parties may refer to my Facebook page, “Dave Maupin’s Coupe”, or email me at for all the particulars. Additional photos are available upon request. $45,000 is the asking price for this truly exceptional Jaguar. Shipping costs are negotiable.



1976 Jaguar

XJ12 Coupe (or XJ 5.3C)

Two-door pillarless coupe based on the short wheelbase Series Two XJ6.

V12 engine, 5.3 litres, 285 bhp. Top speed 147 mph. 0-60 time 7.6 secs.



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