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It was only a month after restoring a '72 MGB that I found an early 1974 "Sabrina" MGB that was in pretty good shape. The body and paint were sound but like most MGs there were electrical issues and smog equipment that was choking the 1800cc engine. Like most older cars, it was lacking maintenance and attention. It just needed some love. After a winter of stripping down and replacing the interior, fixing electrical problems, tuning the carburetors, replacing and servicing the hydraulic shocks, installing a lowering kit, new windshield, servicing and replacing the cooling system components, restoring the original radio, replacing lighting and gauges, servicing the suspension, and restoring other bits and pieces the end result was just what I wanted; a close-to-original MGB. It turned out great and I'm not afraid to drive and put it through its paces. I have gravitated to these cars because they are still fairly inexpensive to acquire and work on.


1974 MG Model B