I have always been a Jaguar Fan and frequent owner. Yes, they had their low tide that still affects their ‘reliability’ reputation today even though that skin was shed years ago. But let’s not ignore the style, racing edge, innovation and inherent qualities of Jaguar that you have loved for decades. The C Type, D Type and early sexy E Type. . . I would gladly own any of these.
These classics are art and history combined and of the purest form of each. When you see one up close, it just speaks to you in a universal language that causes you to say out loud; amazing, beautiful. . . I want one!
Now over 50 years since the birth of the E Type, a better Jaguar Company produces the F Type. It is the best of today’s technology, beautifully styled, all aluminum body, powerful and efficient supercharged V8, producing easily 550 hp, state of the art computer controls on board and priced well, when you compare it to other super cars with the same vitals.
I have driven the F Type R Coupe and it is indescribable in all respects. It is fast, loud, exciting, handles and maneuvers brilliantly; making even me look professional. It gives you a sense of a well developed and stylish European car. It deserves all the great reviews you have been reading and most certainly earned the proper title as the next of kin, the F Type.
What a spectacular automobile—drives like no other, clearly has the Jaguar heritage in it bones. You have to drive it and feel it to understand the depth of this cars unique character. I would not change one thing with the new F Type R Coupe except to put one in my garage, yesterday.









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