Car Collecting in growing even more popular now that the ‘baby boomers’ are retiring and have the time and money. It is not a hobby for those on a budget. First you make the purchase, then there are the minor repairs or upgrades, then ongoing maintenance and then of course the possible restoration; cosmetic or frame off. You get the idea.

Anyone who has a vintage or classic car and it’s not their main transportation is a collector, albeit a collector of one. That’s right, one car typically leads to a second and pretty soon you have a full blow collection limited to the size of your garage or budget or both. The funny thing about collecting is it just seems to happen and even in tough economic times, the idea of adding ‘one more car’ is not far away or out of mind altogether, just postponed.

I’m often asked why people collect cars. Well, anyone asking that is not usually a ‘car person’. But the answer is the same for any collector. We collect because of the history of a specific car, nostalgia, a project to undertake, because of collectible significance, or it gives us the opportunity to join a community with similar interests. But my two favorite reasons; we collect for investment purposes, (isn’t this what we tell our spouse so we can purchase that “special” car?), and then some collectors are motivated by the importance of making a statement. You know, they identify with the car and hope that others will make that connection as well. I say that sitting here wearing a Ferrari shirt and yet I have never owned one, though I have owned over 100 classics, some less classic, but all fun and great for what they represented to me. . . at the time.

Whatever the reason, car collecting is something we do because we love cars, the sentiments attached to them and it is fun to show them off and share with other car people the history of ownership, the details of restoration and the insights only one passion all about a particular make and model will know and want to share. Most of us are the everyday collector but there are those of celebrity status whose garage is now a warehouse or even a museum.

The Top 5 Celebrity Collectors are Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Rowan Atkinson, (Mr. Bean), Nick Masson, (Pink Floyd drummer), and of course Ralph Lauren. He has a collection of some of the most beautiful cars in the world and each one is ‘museum quality’ in terms of condition and accuracy. It is believed his collection is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and to look at a few examples in this blog, will have you shaking your head in agreement. Today, I am featuring the collection of Ralph Lauren; where a car is an important accessory to the well dressed man or woman. Here are a few of his gems beautifully photographed by famed Michael Furman. Enjoy, and please share with me why you collect and what you collect.

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