About Morgan Sports Car Club

The Morgan Sports Car Club ("MSCC") is for enthusiasts of Morgan cars. It is not necessary to own a Morgan to become a member. There are approaching five thousand members world-wide with a network of thirty-five local Centres in the UK and forty-three affiliated Clubs in other countries. We have permits to organise races and speed events and also organise training and track days. Each Centre also organises its own programme of activities both social and competitive. The cornerstone is quite often the monthly “Noggin & Natter” when members get together for chatter which sometimes even features Morgans! Some Centres produce their own newsletter for which there is usually a small charge.

Many groups arrange to go farther afield. Tours from the UK have included New Zealand, USA and many trips to Europe. Up to 300 cars normally attend the biennial Le Mans Classic race meeting and plans for the next one in 2012 are already in hand.

MSCC normally organises an annual MOG event (Morgan Owners Gathering) and the next on is based at the Kent County Showground between 14 and 16 June 2013. These events usually incorporate scenic runs, tourist attractions, pitstop challenge, gymkhana, concours, dinners, dancing, musical entertainment, trade stands and other social and competitive events. There is a Race Series, the Morgan Challenge, which is sponsored by Aero Racing and has rounds at most of the famous UK circuits; information is at www.morganchallenge.co.uk. Additionally, the MSCC Speed Championship, sponsored by Techniques, runs throughout each summer at sprint and hill climb venues; information is at www.speedmog.co.uk.

The Club magazine, Miscellany, is a full colour 56 page monthly which carries all the news and articles on a host of subjects of interest to members.

The Club has a technical section that arranges for parts to be manufactured when necessary and can offer advice on older cars, and an archive section for historical details.

There are a number of members’ benefits including a Preferred Insurance Scheme which points members towards insurers who are known to be able to supply the service and cover expected for Morgans. The RAC offers a Club discount on all ranges of recovery membership. The Institute of Advanced Motorists offers discount on their ‘Skills for Life’ package. The Club is a fully bonded tour operator and as such can offer members favourable rates for ferry crossings to Europe. Finally, there is a growing list of discounts on merchandise. Full details of all these benefits are listed in the Club magazine.

Above all else the MSCC is a Club for those who enjoy Morgans and offers extremely good value for the membership fee. If you are not already a member and have a passion for the Morgan Sports Car do join us, you will be made very welcome.