About Starwood Motors

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Starwood Motors is an independent automotive retailer offering clients an impeccable service based car buying experience. Starwood draws on 30 years of automotive experience to provide a diversified selection of makes and models at value driven prices. Starwood has an onsite vehicle inventory of high quality previously owned cars available for immediate purchase by ourclients. We also have the ability to acquire any make or model to accommodate a client’s individual needs. Starwood Motors maintains working relationships with franchise dealerships and wholesalers throughout the country. In addition to the sale of vehicles Starwood also has the ability to provide consumers with retail and lease based financing solutions. We have established relationships with indirect lenders to accommodate both retail installment purchases as well as motor vehicle lease agreements. Starwood also offers a wide range of aftermarket products including extended warranties, GAP Insurance, maintenance agreements, and more. When it comes to products and services our goal is complete client satisfaction. We believe this means providing the perfect vehicle for each client’s purchase, arranging agreeable financing arrangements if needed, and providing peace of mind after the purchase through aftermarket services. Starwood is one of very few independent dealers licensed to lease new and pre-owned vehicle.